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LIGHT DUTY < 10,000 lbs GVW Our fleet of light duty tow trucks is designed to haul all types of cars and light trucks with state of the art wheel lift systems. Pop up dolly wheels allow light duty vehicles to be towed with the wheels off the ground. This is especially helpful for 4-wheel/front drive cars and light duty trucks and vehicles that are disabled or have flat tires. We specialize in damage-free motorcycle transport and have specific carriers designed to haul all makes and models of motorcycles. Need help hauling a shed or storage container? we can help.

MEDIUM DUTY < 17,999 lbs GVW Our fleet of medium duty tow trucks can transport 1-to utility trucks, cube and step vans, motor homes and trailers.

HEAVY DUTY - up to 70,000 pounds. click here to learn more.

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